Brown and TJ Stutts completed the podium

Warriors bring Skull Banner, Demo Banner, Vigilance, and Rallying Cry. Druids don bring as much utility, but they do great snap aggro, can do some other roles the easiest while not tanking, and bring the somewhat useful Stampeding Roar. Death Knights bring an AoE grip and Anti Magic Zone, but that about it.

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But these data suggest Philadelphians may really be changing

Beverage tax might be Philly’s biggest win of all

The dark, slightly thickened areas on the sides of her granddaughter neck told a different, more worrisome story. Acanthosis nigricans, often mistaken High Quality Replica Handbags for dirt on the neck and under the arms, except that it doesn wash off no matter how much you scrub, is an early sign of impending diabetes. Seeing it in this 8 year old meant this young girl was already well on the road to developing diabetes, a condition that a generation ago was thought of as a disease of the elderly.

high quality replica bags This story plays out daily across Philadelphia, as poor diets and lack of physical activity drive rates of chronic disease sky high. We are the unhealthiest big city in America, cheap replica handbags and ranked the unhealthiest county in Pennsylvania. High rates of smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and consumption of unhealthy food drive these numbers, along with our high rate of poverty, particularly childhood poverty. And our high rates of disease also drive up our poverty rate in an ugly cycle, as heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure limit people ability to work and support their families. high quality replica bags

good quality replica bags Yet, Philly has begun to feel like a city of endless possibilities, thanks in no small part to the recent spate of championship parades and playoff games. And a Drexel University study released in April may reveal the biggest win of all. good quality replica bags

The study is the first to look at what residents are actually drinking after implementation of the Philadelphia beverage tax. In other words, it studies Replica Bags Wholesale the same daily soda habit that brought my young patient to the brink of diabetes.

>> READ MORE: Pa. Supreme Court hears arguments on Philly soda tax

best replica designer The Drexel researchers found that since high quality replica handbags the tax took effect on Jan. 1, 2017, the number Fake Handbags of daily drinkers of sodas and energy drinks dropped by 40 percent and 64 percent, respectively, compared with areas outside the city. As important daily bottled water consumption has gone Wholesale Replica Bags up by 58 percent. That is, the people who were most hooked on sodas and energy drinks, the daily drinkers, appear to be switching to bottled water. best replica designer

high end replica bags There are some caveats: The sample size was small, about 900 Replica Handbags people, and looked only at the first two months of the tax. But these data suggest Philadelphians may really be changing their habits. That could mean real change in purse replica handbags our dismal Designer Fake Bags bottom of the pack health outcomes. high end replica bags

aaa replica bags And who knows, maybe the multi million dollar aaa replica designer handbags PR Replica Bags campaign the beverage industry has been running against the tax has actually helped drive that change. After all, Fake Designer Bags those of us who care about health could never afford to put signs in every corner store and every grocery store deriding the tax. So thanks, American Beverage Association! You may have just saved a lot of lives. aaa replica bags

replica bags April also saw the city release of data on unemployment and wage tax revenues since implementation of the beverage tax. Unemployment actually fell in the sectors of our economy we would expect to be affected by the beverage tax. And wage tax revenues in those sectors have risen since the beverage tax started. Those are irrefutable facts that throw cold bottled water on the soda industry claim replica handbags china that this tax is a job killer. replica bags

best replica bags online The beverage tax wasn passed wholesale replica designer handbags to change health. That just a side benefit. The dollars raised by the tax will help refurbish our parks and recreation centers, helping to create spaces where we can come together to play with our children, strengthen our bodies, and rejuvenate our souls. And when green spaces are kept up and people come together in neighborhood parks, violence falls. best replica bags online

high quality designer replica By paying for Handbags Replica high quality pre K and community schools, those dollars will also support our children academic futures, using strategies that have replica Purse been shown to Designer Replica Bags boost test scores, high school graduation rates, and long term economic success. high quality designer replica

>> replica handbags online READ MORE: Soda tax passes; Philadelphia is first big city in nation to enact one

replica bags online So, imagine as I do the Philadelphia of the future, a city where incomes are rising, where residents are no longer held back by spiraling rates of chronic disease, a city whose green spaces flourish, attracting thousands of people to walk, run, and play, and a city that has chosen to put its money into building Replica Designer Handbags the health of its children, instead of into the pockets of soda industry executives. replica bags online

designer replica luggage And when the day comes that Philly wins the Super Bowl of health, and we hit No. 1 on the health by county rankings list, KnockOff Handbags we going to have ourselves a parade designer replica luggage.

but we are canada goose uk black friday ready for cooperation

Powers to press defiant Iran in nuclear row

canada goose clearance VIENNA (Reuters) Major powers buy canada goose jacket believe sanctions and setbacks to Iran Canada Goose Parka nuclear program may have Canada Goose online strengthened their hand before talks with a still defiant Tehran, but chances canada goose uk outlet of real progress at this week meeting in Istanbul look slim. canada goose clearance

A general view of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, some Canada Goose Online 1,200 km (746 miles) south canada goose store of Tehran October 26, 2010. REUTERS/IRNA/Mohammad Babaie

Canada Goose Jackets Tougher punitive measures over the last year and possible sabotage aimed at slowing Iran nuclear drive could help buy more time for diplomacy and reduce the risk of the long running row escalating into a military conflict, at least for now. television network ABC the canada goose clearance sale Obama administration may propose new unilateral sanctions on Iran, one of the world largest oil exporters. Canada Goose Jackets

canadian goose jacket Also on Wednesday, Switzerland said it was tightening its sanctions with steps aimed at preventing it from being used by Tehran to get goods it could not buy elsewhere. canadian goose jacket

But the Islamic Republic hard line leaders, who use the nuclear dispute to rally nationalist support at home and Canada Goose sale distract from the country economic problems, are showing no sign such measures will make them change course.

canada goose black friday sale will not retreat one iota from our nuclear rights. but we are canada goose uk black friday ready for cooperation based upon justice and respect, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose deals Ahmadinejad later told local TV in Yazd, the city where he made his speech, canada goose uk shop that if the other countries accepted that Iran has nuclear the talks could reach a positive canada goose outlet conclusion in the coming months. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket process, I think, cheap Canada Goose would take two or three months and would not have any result but for them to accept Iran nuclear rights and they should stop their bad manners and stop their (sanctions) resolutions and start to expand cooperation with Iran, he said. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale ENRICHED URANIUM Even if Iran may be experiencing technical difficulties, diplomats and experts stress that it is still amassing enriched uranium, material which can be used to make bombs if refined further, and has repeatedly refused to halt such activity. Canada Goose sale

As a result, expectations are low ahead of a second round of negotiations between Iran and six world powers in the Turkish Canada Goose Jackets city on January 21 22. The powers talking to Iran through European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton are the canada goose black friday sale United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany.

Canada Goose Parka Agreeing to meet again was the only tangible result of the two sides resumption of dialogue in Geneva in early December canada goose coats after an interruption lasting more than a year. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats on sale The powers will this time seek to test Iran readiness to start addressing their concerns about its nuclear plans, possibly by exploring canada goose clearance ways to restore badly bruised confidence, such as a Canada Goose Coats On Sale plan to swap nuclear fuel which stalled a year ago. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose store are looking forward to getting into practical issues in Istanbul, a senior EU official canada goose said. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet China, a major consumer of Iran crude oil exports, has resisted proposals for international sanctions uk canada goose outlet that could restrict those energy flows. Security Council resolutions pressing Iran to work with international nuclear inspectors and freeze uranium enrichment. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats Iran, which boasts its uranium enrichment work uk canada goose is strongly despite Western attempts to set it back, says it only aims to generate electricity. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap NO BACKING DOWN? neither anticipate a breakthrough nor do I regard canada goose factory sale the canada goose coats on sale upcoming session as the chance said Greg Thielmann, a senior fellow at the Washington based Arms Control Association. buy canada goose jacket cheap

at a satisfactory agreement will take months and will involve many frustrations and setbacks, he said.

canada goose Western officials say harsher sanctions on Iran, including steps targeting the oil and gas sectors, are hurting its economy cheap canada goose uk and causing problems for its enrichment activities. canada goose

canada goose clearance sale Covert operations by Israel or buy canada goose jacket cheap the United Canada Goose Outlet States may also have damaged Iran nuclear program. Security experts have speculated the Stuxnet computer worm targeted the country Natanz enrichment site. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online Iran centrifuges producing enriched uranium, canadian goose jacket which can be used to fuel power plants or provide material for bombs if refined much further, have been plagued by breakdowns since a rapid expansion of the process in 2007 08. Canada Goose online

cheap Canada Goose In the run up to the Istanbul meeting, Iran has dismissed any suggestions its nuclear work is facing problems and it says it will not even discuss its uranium enrichment program cheap Canada Goose.

Voordat het hele ding waar ze grote klank vroegen aan erilich

tusharsreddit u

tusharsreddit22 pointssubmitted 4 dagen geleden

haal letterlijk richard uit elke situatie waarin hij moet communiceren met andere mensen en dit bedrijf wordt een veel effectievere organisatie. waarom hij het moncler jas outlet veld aan het moncler jas heren besturen is ondanks zijn bewezen onvermogen om zijn ideeën op een coherente manier te presenteren, gaat mij te boven. Ook geen moncler nederland grote fan van de Jian Yang-plot, omdat het logisch niet logisch is. Voordat het hele ding waar ze grote klank vroegen aan erilich activa, Jian Yang was eigenlijk moncler jassen heren sale een 10% eigenaar van rattenvanger wat betekent moncler jas sale dat wat in het bedrijf de beste belangen zou moncler jas outlet in zijn belang zijn in termen van het stimuleren van hun waardering. Hij zou zelfs overwegen om een ​​ander bedrijf te starten voordat hij zijn eigendomsbelang 2018 moncler zou verwijderen. iemand zal me moncler jas dames sale corrigeren als ik me vergis of moncler jassen heren dit niet begrijp.

Hoogachtend, niet mee eens ‘en je hebt een dating-app voor homo’s die een deelverzameling is van dating-apps, dus technisch gezien heb ik het niet verkeerd, zoals iemand die een klant probeert te bereiken tijdens hun eerste ontmoeting. Ook het feit dat hij er onophoudelijk op aandringt hen octopipers te noemen, ondanks unanieme minachting, toont aan dat hij geen sociale aanwijzingen kan geven. Hij is een wonderkind, maar ik denk dat de capaciteiten van moncler jassen dames de achterliggende technologie is wat de bedrijven drijft om bij hen te blijven, niet Richard zelf

tusharsreddit23 pointssubmitted 12 dagen geleden

Het schrijven van Nah Jian Yang gaat dit seizoen schijten en moncler jas dames Gilfoyle is altijd cool geweest, maar vervelend in zijn kleingeestigheid. Jared is veruit de interessantste: je hebt geen idee wat moncler outlet sale voor moncler uitverkoop trauma’s het kind in zijn vroege leven moncler dames heeft meegemaakt maak hem wat hij vandaag is. moncler jassen dames sale Die kleine weetjes van alleen absolute absurditeit moncler jassen outlet als ‘mijn oma liet me geen pizza eten Bc ze dacht niet dat Italianen echte blanke mensen waren’ en ‘ik had een fragiele buitenkant mijn tante noemde me glazen put’ en de hele WOOOOOOO moncler outlet WOOOOOO-explosie is zo daar, terwijl Jared op het eerste gezicht een vriendelijke kerel lijkt te zijn die uitstekend is in het moncler heren coördineren moncler jas heren sale van zaken. Om nog te zwijgen van het feit dat hij meisjes moncler jassen harder trekt monclersale dan wie dan ook in de serie. dus daarbuiten man Ik hou van moncler sale deze man en Zach Woods deed het zo goed met hem.

That’s key for women, who tend to have stronger quadriceps

Soccer icon Brandi Chastain honorary plaque is seen during the San Francisco Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame induction at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, Calif., on Monday, May 21, 2018. San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Harris Barton,San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain, Golden State Warriors Tim Hardaway and former 49ers executive John McVay were also inducted.

Discount Moncler Coats AbstractTransitional justice as a field of inquiry is a relatively new one. Referring to the range of mechanisms used to assist the transition of a state or society from one form of (usually repressive) rule to a more democratic order, transitional justice has become the dominant language in which the move from war to peace is discussed in the early twenty first century. Applying a moncler sale deconstructive moncler sale analysis to the question of transitional justice, the paper seeks to interrogate the core assumptions that underlie transitional justice literature in relation to the relationship between law, politics and justice. Discount Moncler Coats

womens moncler jackets This small and intimate boutique hotel is a converted cheap moncler 19th century townhouse set in a leafy courtyard dominated by a large olive tree. The elegant moncler outlet uk room interiors combine rustic features like stone walls and exposed beams with sophisticated design details: dark accent moncler factory outlet walls, retro style lamps, shaggy rugs and bathrooms decked out in black and gold. Heritage Hotel 19 appeals to travellers who prefer something more exclusive moncler outlet online and personal than a cheap moncler generic chain hotel.. womens moncler jackets

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cheap moncler jackets wholesale «Now, last Memorial Day, I stood here and spoke about for the first time in nine years Americans were no longer fighting and dying in Iraq. Today, a transition is under way in Afghanistan, and our troops are coming home,» he said. «Fewer Americans are making the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan, and that’s progress for which we are profoundly grateful. cheap moncler jackets wholesale

moncler coats for cheap Lenzi also said the employee evacuated last month was his next door neighbor, a fellow Foreign Service officer cheap moncler jackets sale who cheap moncler jackets was diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury. Embassy in Havana. Many of them were diagnosed with signs of moncler sale outlet minor brain trauma, like concussions, after hearing eerily disturbing noises starting in late 2016 and continuing through most of last year.. moncler coats for cheap

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30, then added little bits as and when I had funds to spare

canada goose yiFa87 u canada goose

canada goose clearance misspence canada goose outlet vancouver 14 points submitted 2 months buy canada goose jacket cheap ago canada goose clearance

cheap Canada Goose I don see the big fuss behind Thoughtful Thursday hate. Not everyone enjoys constant canada goose uk shop shitposting and it gives canada goose black friday sale the subreddit a day cheap canada goose uk to cleanse the front page before new dank Canada Goose Outlet memes slap in on Friday. I know that buy canada goose jacket this can be countered with people only come here for shitposting and that is totally within their right. However it a uk canada goose outlet day that gives people a chance gain attention on topics they would rather discuss that don get the traction they deserve b/c some dude decides to make another Nea is Canada Goose online the Killer meme. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets And again, I know that a lot Canada Goose Jackets of the topics are regurgitated but if that what your problem is with thoughtful thursday, why aren you as vocal about regurgitated memes? Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale If it as hated as it seems, what I wouldn mind is perhaps a half day of it if shitposting is all you can Canada Goose sale handle. Have it start at midday around the time of the Dev Stream and last until the end of the day. A reason I like thoughtful Thursday is because a canada goose lot of the memes that build up to Wednesday usually end up being malicious + divisive between the Killer/Survivor camps. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale At least give those of us without the ability to filter due to our means of browsing a chance to read thoughtful discussion. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose online Started getting in early in December, with a Canada Goose Coats On Sale handful of XRP when it was still at AU$0.30, then added little bits as and when I had funds to spare (just $100 here and there over the next few weeks). Canada Goose online

canada goose coats Day traded a little bit and probably had more canada goose factory sale losses than gains as it kept uk canada goose peaking and I FOMO’d back in before it went too much higher and made my mistakes even canada goose coats on sale worse. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap Put cheap Canada Goose in a bigger chunk (by my standards anyway) at AU$4.00 and Canada Goose Parka felt okay about that for a couple of days until the bottom fell out of the market and I found myself looking at the price thinking «If I’d waited a week or two I could canada goose uk black friday have bought four times as many XRP canadian goose jacket with that money.» buy canada goose jacket cheap

buy canada goose jacket All in all I was sitting at a break even point of about AU$2.80 but over the last couple of weeks I’ve been canada goose store able to buy little bits and pieces as and when I could and have that down to about AU$2.00 now. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale Feeling a bit bummed that the time it takes for Aussie exchanges to process BPay payments meant canada goose clearance that I couldn’t get more funds in fast enough to fully capitalise on that big drop last week, but the way I’m looking at the prices right now is that XRP is still on sale at canada goose uk outlet the moment and any buys I can afford to make will keep lowering my break even point. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket The amount I’m holding is never gonna buy me a canada goose coats Lambo no matter how much the price skyrockets, but I’m still more confident about XRP’s long term future than canada goose clearance sale any of the other mainstream crypto’s and I don’t have the time or patience to spend on researching alts to take chances on their volatility. canadian goose jacket

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But if, like me, you shop on a very tight budget, you have to

12:09, 6 OCT 2017Our inquest report of 1 September into the death of teenager stated that he had been refused permission to change his name at school. We are happy to clarify that the name change request was in fact made two years before Leo’s death, and although names cannot be legally changed before the age of 16, Wycombe High School allows students to be called by chosen alternative names. This time they’re all just drunk on BrexitPoliceMum screamed for help as bystanders tried to CATCH girl, 3, thrown 20ft by inflatable trampoline explosionThe little girl was thrown 20ft when the attraction on Gorleston beach in Norfolk explodedFIFA World CupBrazil 2 Mexico 0: Neymar gets his goal as talisman tucks ball in at the back post LIVEDon’t miss a kick as we bring you all the latest action from the last 16 knockout showdown at the Samara Arena.

canadian goose jacket A single plastic bag can take 1,000 years to break down in the environment. In 2016, California issued a statewide ban on stores handing out single use plastic bags to their customers. A year later, 13 million plastic canada goose shop uk bags were kept out of landfills and the environment, and everybody survived. canada goose outlet edmonton canadian goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose Fold and pack the clothes carefully encasing them in protective fabric or tissue canada goose outlet winnipeg paper. If your inventory of seasonal belongings is large, place only a specific category (such as sweaters) in each box. The boxes won’t need adhesive labels to identify the contents if you use color coded boxes.. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale «It’s flattering to be the second one after Pele but let’s put things into context Pele is in another category,» he said. «But it is good to be amongst canada goose outlet sale these people and to score in knockout matches. At a World Cup you have all the top level players so it is an opportunity to show what you can do canada goose jacket uk and canada goose clothing uk what your abilities are.». canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket Most surprisingly official canada goose outlet is that even the presence of food didn’t influence the dogs as much as human affection. «We knew domestic dogs paid attention to how attentive a human is in a previous study we found, for example, that dogs stole canada goose outlet eu food more often when the human’s eyes were closed or they had their back turned,» Kaminski says. «In another study, we found dogs follow the gaze of a human if the human first establishes eye contact with the dog, so the dog knows the gaze shift is canada goose outlet paypal directed at them.». buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale Tabletop height would be comfortable to work at while seated I based this on the height of my computer desk at 29″ from the floor to the top of Canada Goose Jackets UK the table. I figured a decent sized working surface would be at least 12″ deep. I also had a powerbar that I wanted to mount, and I thought some shelves would be handy for small parts etc. Canada Goose sale

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Andnone of the lawmakers who discussed the canada goose uk

Canada Goose online Paul Ryan moves to shore up his staying power a week after announcing his retirement

canadian goose jacket Ryan (R Wis.) shakes hands following a round table on tax reform on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A week after canada goose uk shop hissurprisedecision to leave Congress, uk canada goose House Speaker Paul D. Ryan moved on several frontsthis weekto reassert Canada Goose Jackets control of the House Republican conference and snuff out efforts to accelerate his departure.

On Tuesday morning, Ryan (R Wis.) told House canada goose store GOP lawmakers that he had the support of the constituency thatmightmatter most: big dollar Republican donors, who have written and will continue to write checks to finance GOP campaigns ahead Canada Goose Coats On Sale of November’s midterm elections.

canada goose deals Inside a closed door meeting of lawmakers at the Capitol Hill Club, Ryan told his fellow Republicans that he had spoken to virtually all of the top GOP donors with whom buy canada goose jacket cheap he has developed relationships over his two and a half years as speaker and had gotten assurances that they would continue to give canada goose uk black friday through the 2018 canada goose coats on sale cycle.

canada goose coats on sale That, according to three people in the room who heard his presentation and described it on the condition of anonymity, was widely canada goose jackets sale interpreted as a direct rebuttal to fears that Ryan’s fundraising Canada Goose Online would drop canada goose clearance off a cliff as he remains a lame duck which emerged last week as aprimeargument for a quicker departure. Ryan said, according to those present, that no fundraisers have been canceled and that he fully intended to maintain, if not exceed, his current fundraising pace in the coming months.

canada goose clearance sale Rep. While Walker canada goose black friday sale acknowledged cheap Canada Goose that some members might feel otherwise, «The bulk of the conference is okay with him staying on and focusing on what we told the American people cheap canada goose uk we need to do,» he said.

canada goose coats Last week, in the immediate aftermath of Ryan’s retirement canada goose announcement, members mused that it would not be tenable for Ryan to remain as a lame duck speaker until uk canada goose outlet after the Nov. 6 elections. Much of the chatter came from allies of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy canada goose factory sale (Calif.), who has wide support across the Republican conference buy canada goose jacket to succeed Ryan as the top GOP leader but has not secured the necessary majority of sitting House members to be elected speaker.

buy canada goose jacket Even though Ryan endorsed McCarthy as his successor in a Friday NBC Canada Goose online interview, the question of who will be next for the House GOP remains in limbo. The emergence last week of Rep. Jim Jordan (R Ohio) a leader of the GOP’s hard right bloc, which has been skeptical of canadian goose jacket McCarthy as a potential speaker candidate added to the uncertainty.

«We’re not going to just rearrange the deck chairs around this place and keep doing the same stuff with different people,» said Rep. Scott Perry (R Pa.), a member of the HouseFreedom Caucus, which Jordan co founded. Andnone of the lawmakers who discussed the canada goose uk outlet matter Tuesday thought that threshold could be reached before the election.

canada goose «I think Paul still has a lot to offer,» said Rep. Brett Guthrie (R Ky.), who said it would be best for Republicans to «start fresh with a new Congress and a new leadership.»

Canada Goose sale McCarthy himself has stayed silent on the leadership derby since the immediate aftermath of Ryan’s announcement, even after winning endorsements from Ryan and No. 3 GOP leader Steve Scalise (La.), the majority whip. McCarthy has yet to formally announce he intends to seek the top leadership spot andby all accounts canada goose clearance sale is taking a much more deliberative approach to the race than when he last sought the speakership, and fell short, in 2015.

canada goose clearance A handful of McCarthy allies including in the California delegation and in the House class of 2010, whose members McCarthy helped recruit remain open to a quicker transition.

«With the fact that this is such a turbulent year, the uncertainty you’ve got to have your act together as soon as possible,» said Rep. Paul Cook (R Calif.). «The Canada Goose Parka longer Canada Goose Outlet you Canada Goose sale wait with leadership being uncertain, I think the more problems you have.»

canada goose black friday sale But others said that Ryan’s posture has all but snuffed out any discussion of a quick switch atop the GOP ranks: «We’re focused on finishing this session and allowing an election to happen afterwards,» said Rep. Jeff Denham (R Calif.), a close McCarthy friend. «The speaker’s made himself clear. The whip’s made himself clear, and our conference is pretty clear on the issue, as well.»

cheap Canada Goose Ryan has also approached individual members to assure them he remains fully engaged in the job and make the case for his continued tenure. One of them was Rep. Tom Graves (R Ga.), a McCarthy ally who had been openly agitating last week for snap leadership elections.

canada goose store Ryan has also worked outside of the confines of the House chamber to shore up his standing. During a Monday afternoon meeting withconservative movement leaders, he made clear he had no intentions of leaving before the election.

Canada Goose Jackets One attendee, GOP tax expert Ryan Ellis,said that Ryan brought the matter up without being asked and quickly cut off speculation when attendees asked about what he might do next year.

Canada Goose Outlet «He’s not leaving, and he’s not thinking ahead,» Ellis said. Instead, he added, Ryan made clear he is entirely focused on the 2018 midterms.

buy canada goose jacket cheap And in a Tuesday afternoon interview on a home state radio station, Milwaukee’s WISN FM, canada goose coats Ryan also reiterated his intention to stay in office and defended his ongoing utility to House Republicans.

«There’s a lot more to do, and I want to see it though,» he said. «One of the reasons why I need to stay and run through the tape is I can help keep our majority. I can help our grass roots. I can help make sure that we have the resources to run our campaigns.».

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