Android smartphones and tablets ARE vulnerable to Heartbleed security breach

Android users beware: Heartbleed has been causing panic across users of popular internet sites and now millions of Android device users have been revealed to be at risk

Millions of Android smartphone and tablet users are vulnerable to the Heartbleed security flaw despite Google’s insistence to the contrary, researchers reveal.

More than 900 million Android devices have been purchased worldwide. Of those, Bloomberg reports that 34 percent run some version KnockOff Handbags of cheap replica handbags the outdated software.

While a fix for computers and websites was readily available after news Replica Bags of Heartbleed sent internet users into a panic last week, the same cannot be said for Android.

high quality replica bags While a patch is available for devices with the flaw, wireless carriers and Wholesale Replica Bags handset makers must now provide updates and the process is long. high quality replica bags

‘One of the major issues with Android is the update cycle is really long,’ Michael Shaulov, CEO of mobile security company Lacoon Security Ltd. told Bloomberg.

designer replica luggage ‘The device manufacturers and the carriers need to do something with the patch, and that’s usually a really long purse replica handbags process.’ designer replica luggage

bag replica high quality Panic was triggered last week when it emerged that tens of millions of websites around the world did not have replica handbags online the security promised. bag replica high quality

However, millions of other firms have replica handbags china not had the time or expertise to ensure their Handbags Replica sites are protected, leaving consumers in the dark about whether they are safe to use.

These firms will have no choice but to bring in outside security consultants at great expense to protect their websites and customers.

replica designer bags The Heartbleed bug bypasses the encryption called high quality replica handbags OpenSSL that normally protects data Replica Bags Wholesale as it is sent between computers and servers, leaving personal and sensitive data vulnerable. replica designer bags

The problem has existed for at least two years, however details were only made public Fake Handbags this week by Google and a small company from Finland, called Codenomicon.

7a replica bags wholesale The fact the loophole has existed for so long is a huge blow to the credibility of websites and consumer trust in the internet. 7a replica bags wholesale

However, there is no evidence to date that any malicious hackers have taken advantage of it to grab information.

In a blog post, Google said it has Designer Replica Bags applied a security patch to defeat the flaw Fake Designer Bags on its search Replica Designer Handbags engine, aaa replica replica bags designer handbags Gmail, YouTube, Wallet and Play store for mobile apps and other digital content.

It appears its systems have been vulnerable for some time, however it has also now installed a security patch.

A spokesman said: ‘We added protections for Facebook’s implementations of OpenSSL before this issue was publicly disclosed, and we haven’t detected any signs of suspicious activity on Designer Fake Bags people’s accounts.

cheap designer bags replica ‘We’re continuing to monitor the situation closely.’ cheap designer bags replica

The banks also tried to reassure customers. The British Bankers Association said: ‘If customers are worried about the security of replica Purse their online account they should contact their bank to discuss those concerns directly.

replica designer bags wholesale ‘If they are proven to have been the victim of a fraudulent online transaction then their bank will make sure they are granted a full refund of any money that has been stolen.’ replica designer bags wholesale

buy replica bags online By contrast, the British Retail wholesale replica designer handbags Consortium was unable to offer any comment on the safety of online stores. buy replica bags online

best replica designer Paypal, which is part of eBay, and responsible for handling millions of electronic payments every day insisted its system remains secure. best replica designer

best replica bags online Its chief technical officer, John Barrese, Replica Handbags issued a statement saying customer account details were not exposed and there is no need for people to change their password best replica bags online.

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