Because the Romanian deadlift (demonstrated here by NYC based

It was the first time since the Korean War halted in 1953 that a North Korean leader has come to South Korea, and it was broadcast live across the country, with commuters stopping in train stations and teachers stopping classes so their students could watch the moment.Kim, wearing his trademark black Mao suit, walked down the steps of the Panmungak building on the northern side of the line that divides the peninsula and up to the concrete curb that marks the exact line.Moon was waiting for him there, his hand outstretched. They talked, smiling, for several minutes before Moon invited Kim across to the southern side. Kim accepted but, after posing for photos, invited Moon to cross back into the North with him.Moon went, and the two Korean leaders stood hand in hand in what is technically North Korea something that would have been unthinkable even a few months ago.»This was a very moving moment for all of us,» said Paik Hak soon, a North Korea expert at the pro engagement Sejong Institute outside Seoul.»The two Korean leaders, crossing the military demarcation line and making these talks happen, are sending a message to the world that they are initiating peace on the Korean Peninsula,» he said.After crossing the line, Kim enteredthe Peace House building on the southern side of the border and signed a welcome book with the message:»New history from now on, [we are] at the start of a historicnew peace era.» Two North Korean security guards cleaned the chair, guest book and pen with sanitizer before Kim sat down to write the message.[At Korean summit in DMZ, ‘deranged’ ax murders still cast a shadow ]Once inside the meeting room, a relaxed and jovial Kim joked about bringing cold noodles from Pyongyang for Friday night’s dinner banquet and, in front of the media, gave conciliatory opening remarks.»Let’s hold hands and walk toward the future,» the 34 year old North Korean leader said, with his younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, at his side at the table.Moon responded in kind.»We have a whole day to us, so let’s talk about the things we haven’t been able to talk about for the last 10 years,» the South Korean president said.

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