Goals from our canada goose uk black friday strikers are great

Canada Goose Outlet Match Thread Chelsea 2 Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka Overall the performance we all expected.Conte’s uk canada goose outlet confidence in bakayoko could be big for next season. The fact he’s struggled most of the season and is getting minutes exudes some kind of confidence www.canadagooseuk.net from conte.Goals from our canada goose uk black friday strikers are great. Morata will only score from canada goose jackets an azpi cross though. So hopefully we can find a couple against United should he start.I know we all bask in his skill but hazard looked really on today. He did lose the ball some but he was very aggressive.All in all a good game and buy canada goose jacket lets go to another FA cup final!!I think having a big strong proven target man like Giroud to mentor/help Morata improve will be immense next season. That’s one thing our club has lacked this year. We have Cahill, Luiz, and we have Pedro. That’s our Canada Goose Outlet «old guy» core. Cahill is the only one Canada Goose Online with a style that is easy to help younger/newer players to fit in. Luiz is a very unique ball playing style, and Pedro has that Barcelona/Spanish tiki taka canada goose clearance sale style and simple but effective dribbling style that not many young players can utilize without being in a system designed canada goose factory sale to play like that.Fabregas falls into the same category as Pedro.We just haven’t had a good, experienced player canada goose store this Canada Goose Parka year to help mold the younger guys into great players the way Terry did for Cahill, Drogba did for all of our strikers, etc etc. Conte Canada Goose Coats On Sale initially switched to the formation around the Atleti game earlier in the season but abandoned it mid season because Baka wasn working out. The key change canadian goose jacket in the system from then and now is that earlier Fabregas had the freedom to either play in the Pirlo role or at the top of the triangle, here Pedro only plays at the top of the triangle with Baka and Kante shielding him with one of cheap canada goose uk them moving forward while attacking. This helps us in two ways enables us to play two strikers and get more people into the box, the clear deficiency of the system though is we Canada Goose Jackets can only play one of Hazard or Willian. Hazard as a second striker and Willian in the Pedro role. Otherwise they must stay on the bench.So, the plan clearly was to move to 3 5 2 canada goose mid game depending on Canada Goose online the situation of the game. On the face of it, Baka substitution might not make sense but sacrificing Willian for him strengthened the midfield and laid a groundwork for further changes. Subbing Fabregas off for Pedro made it more clear and were we chasing the game, Hazard would have come off for Morata making it a two striker system like last match but as we had it, Hazard was really good today. Although he didn score. Pulled the defenders into the channels later to let midfielders come into the box for support. Having Pedro and Baka with quick recovery times makes it possible to get back as quickly as possible uk canada goose in case of a counter. Luckily Morata scored as soon as he canada goose coats came for Giroud. Could canada goose uk shop had three more if he had a little confidence while shooting. Amazing with his head, not so much with his feet.Southampton clearly wanted to hit on the break by canada goose coats on sale winning the physical battles in midfield and the defence coped up with their counters well. Yet, there are clear individual mistakes happening every game this season. Rudi almost let one slip. Same with Willy, although I love his adventurous style, it not great for heart. Emerson and Moses were quietly great love the fact that Emerson looks for the second balls during corners to shoot. Would like him to cross more though.Overall, pretty great game, even if it became a lot end to end later. WE GOING TO WEMBLEYY LADS! Two consecutive finals. Hazard and Willian are way too greedy and want the ball and want to make everything happen themselves.Ideally at least one of them + a wingback should be sitting in the box, same way Spurs used to have Kane and Alli parked in the box, with Eriksen feeding them behind.If we playing on the left side, Giroud, Willian, Moses should be canada goose clearance in the box with Hazard floating outside waiting for the Emerson cross or Hazard pass. Playing on the right, Emerson, Hazard, Giroud should be in the box, with Willian helping Moses with the 1 2s and overlapping runs looking canada goose uk outlet for a cross or a through ball from one of them.My canada goose black friday sale concern long term is we seem to still have a one dimensional passing game to connect midfield to forwards. Kante or Fab puts a through ball to one of the forwards, who lays it buy canada goose jacket cheap up one touch for another forward to go on Canada Goose sale goal. That was the formula and we repeatedly cheap Canada Goose used it. Simple and ruthless Canada Goose Parka.

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