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Today ukcaricatures ,Vogue Italia released their editorial with the one and only Lady Gaga. Between her blonde locks flowing in the wind and a fitted black suit, she looks absolutely stunning. We’ve seen Gaga in all types of outfits and settings but we’re putting this one at the top of our list. Jump to Gaga grabbing at the lapels of her blazer exposing her left breast with a painted streak over it. All the while adorned with metal workings from her jaw to her shoulder to her hand.Gaga pouts with what looks to be tape holding up her look. Next up, bare backed with a side profile exposing a softer side — juxtaposed with with the metal workings covering her from her lip to her elbow.Check out the full story here. And make sure you click through the slideshow above to check out some pics from the shoot! 0Thoughts?1 of 6Next slideshow starts in 10sSlim Down After the HolidaysWith These 6 BeautyProducts!

Lady Gaga Vamps For ‘Vogue’ Italia

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