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Vans Legends: A Conversation with Steve Caballero

The opening reception of the Vans Downtown Showdown Amsterdam presented by moncler outlet Monster Energy brought skateboarding legends, Pro’s, Ams, local Dutch media and skate enthusiasts together to celebrate 20 years of the iconic Vans Half Cab Shoe with photography, art, skateboarding moncler outlet store and music. Twenty years, twenty skaters, twenty photos and one shoe, was the premise for the selection of images curated by Lance Dawes, to celebrate the legacy of the iconic Vans Half Cab shoe. Twenty customised Half Cabs complemented the photography exhibition, with artistic innovation from Shepard Fairey, Jimbo Philips, Chris Pastras, Lance Mountain and others.We used the occasion to catch up with Vans Legend Steve Caballero, check it out here below.Age: 47Birthplace: San José, californiaCurrent location: Campbell, CaliforniaYear of starting your career: 1980What’s cheap moncler sale your favorite skate soundtrack?Any metallicaWhat’s your favorite skate spot in buy moncler jackets the world?My home park at lake Cunningham.What’s your favorite VANS skateshoe/modell?Halfcab.What do you like about Amsterdam the most?I haven’t been here that much, maybe only 2-3 times but I like how friendly the people are.3 essential pieces you’ld always put in your bag for a trip.laptop, bible, toothbrush.What was the most impressive place you ever visited?Japan, moncler outlet online I’m part japanese myself as well. I love the culture, sushi but mostly the people, l Iike how respectful they are. And it’s a moncler outlet sale save place, probably the safest www.monclerdownjacket.biz place on earth.Looking monlcer down jackets back to the beginning of your career, what changed monclerdownjacket the most over the cheap moncler outlet years?Availability changes the most, the places to be to skate even in other countries. I can skate now almost everywhere all around the globe. That’s fantastic.If you could choose a convenience you have today you could also have back in the days, moncler sale outlet what would that be?More options to cheap moncler jackets skate. We moncler sale did what we could back then, but our possibilities have been rally limited.What was cheap moncler coats the biggest success in your life?Giving my life for Jesus moncler mens jackets Christ, this cheap moncler was the most successful and productive thing I did my life. It opened my eyes and now I see things different.Home is?Where your heart is, in Campbell. That’s where my wife and kids are.Thanks a lot for the interview.Check out our previous conversation with Ray Barbee here.Photography: Robert Wunsch / Highsnobiety.comPhotography:Robert Wunsch / Highsnobiety.

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