In buy canada goose jacket correspondence with Senator Jeff

who else is there

canada goose About the 700 Billion (with a B) you claim was robbed from Medicare. That is undeniably FALSE. Most of canada goose outlet new york those cuts were cuts to the DOCTORS and HOSPITALS (NO cuts were made to Medicare beneficiaries like you) which actually SAVES Medicare money. Let me put that in a way you might understand it. If your trailer payment goes down, then you will have more money to spend on Everclear. Pretty simple really. THE FOLLOWING IS JUST ONE. THIS TRAVESTY BEGAN IN 2012 AND HOSPITALS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ARE CUTTING BACK AND LAYING OFF NOW AND DOCTORS canada goose coats ARE DROPPING MEDICARE PATIENTS DUE TO CUTS IN FUNDING; WHICH BTW, DRIVES UP COST!In Obamacare, the payment cuts are across the board cuts (modifications of Medicare’s complex payment formulas) made throughout the bulk of the Medicare program. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Canada Goose Online Budget Office (CBO), these cuts will decrease Medicare spending Canada Goose Jackets by an estimated $716 billion between 2013 and 2022.

Canada Goose Outlet The money is cut from hospital services, Medicare Advantage, skilled nursing services, hospice services, and other Medicare services. To be clear, the cuts do not target individual institutions or medical organizations suspected of waste, fraud, or abuse.

Despite a continuous and steady repetition of false claims by supporters of Obamacare in and out of Congress, the $716 billion in «savings» from Medicare are taken out of the program to pay for new spending in Obamacare. The canada goose uk shop cuts do not strengthen the Medicare program, nor do they extend the life of the Part A trust fund. In buy canada goose jacket correspondence with Senator Jeff Sessions (R AL), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, the CBO has confirmed that the majority of the savings leave Medicare to fund Obamacare and thus cannot be counted again as improving Medicare’s finances. why do you hate poor people?

May 19, 2014 at Canada Goose Coats On Sale 10:39 am Reply

Canada Goose Parka Do you realize that you posted articles that PROVE Obama didn rob Medicare of 700 billion. The articles state exactly uk canada goose what I been saying. The Medicare cuts were for doctors, hospitals, and insurers. NOT Medicare beneficiaries. This actually SAVES Medicare money.

canadian goose jacket You didn even read the articles. You such amaroon.

But go ahead and continue to vote against your own Canada Goose Outlet interests. I can stop you from being a moron. It your right. canadian goose jacket But when your own party (GOP) cut your SS and Medicare benefits, give them the credit for it.

canada goose black friday sale CBO has confirmed that the majority of the savings leave Medicare to fund Obamacare and thus cannot be cheap Canada Goose counted again as improving Medicare’s finances. YOU CALLING THE CBO LIARS?

canada goose coats BTW, WHY DO YOU HATE POOR PEOPLE?

Canada Goose Jackets May 19, 2014 at 9:01 pm Reply

canada goose clearance sale Barring something drastic happening in the next couple of years, Hillary is very likely to win if canada goose she runs, regardless of who it against.

canada goose clearance When you look at the democratic primary canada goose factory sale in 2008, Hillary canada goose clearance sale beat Obama in most of the battleground states for a general election. Remember one of her pushes was that her popularity was strongest in the states that mattered.

canada goose coats on sale If Obama could take Ohio, Florida, Michigan and PA in 2012. then I can see why Hillary wouldn take those states in 2016 considering she more popular in every single one of them. And the GOP can win without taking at least one of those 4 states. Even if they take Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina and Missouri. it still not enough. They be sitting at 239 to 299.

Even Florida or Ohio ALONE isn enough. They need to take all the states above, Florida and still pick up 2 more electoral votes somewhere.

The GOP pretty much has to canada goose store run Canada Goose online the table in most canada goose uk black friday of the swing states to win the presidency at this point. A loss in either Ohio or Florida makes it just about impossible for them to win.

buy canada goose jacket The electoral map basically says that the current GOP way of doing business will make it very hard canada goose black friday sale for them to win the presidency in the near future.

May 15, 2014 at 10:17 pm Reply

Well, regardless of what you like or don like, the fact is for a Canada Goose Parka GOP person to win the presidency, they have to take the states Romney took plus another 64 canada goose coats on sale electoral votes. That not political ideology. it Canada Goose sale math.

cheap Canada Goose That means if you work your way from the closest state toward the states Obama more easily run, a GOP candidate would have to take Florida, Ohio, Virginia AND Colorado.

Canada Goose sale Obama won Colorado by over 5 points. You talking about a HUGE shift from democrat to GOP on cheap canada goose uk a national scale for a GOP candidate to win the presidency.

The scary thing from a math perspective is that Hillary beat Obama uk canada goose outlet in Florida and Ohio. the two closest of those 4 states that would need to flip for a GOP win. That makes the GOP job harder in those states then it would if Obama was still on the buy canada goose jacket cheap ticket.

canada goose deals The GOP can win the house due to how they gotten the districts drawn. They can win the senate because each state has 2 senators and there are more GOP oriented states then democrat oriented. But the electoral college is by population. and the democrats have control over the big population states for the most part. and that will grow as the Hispanic canada goose clearance population canada goose uk outlet increases if the GOP refuses to embrace immigration reform.

Canada Goose online The country is changing. Dukakis had about the same results in each demographic as Obama did. But because the US was so much whiter then, he got only 111 electoral votes where Obama got 332.

canada goose store The 1988 approach won work for the GOP anymore. They need to get more then 30% of the various minority groups or they simply cannot win again.

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