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No pressure or anything for Nicolas Ghesquière. He was only granted the task of taking the reins at one of the most prestigious French houses in the world, in time for Fall 2014. Not that the beloved Ghesquière, he of much-praised Balenciaga fame, doesn’t come with quite a pedigree. But any time there’s a shift in power and a change in creative direction, one must tread carefully.This show proved no one knows this better than Nicolas. At each seat sat a letter, written from the man of the hour. It expressed his respect and excitement prada replica handbags , not only for the brand but for Marc Jacobs, whose footsteps he is following and whose heritage he is paying tribute to, starting with this collection.I didn’t expect any less (or more, I should say). With a tone set by minimalist décor, which spoke of a classic and simplistic fashion show, the first look, worn by Freja Beha Erichsen, let us know: He was paying homage to the Louis Vuitton girl of the ‘70s. As a side note, the new Petite Malle bag, in the style of a tiny trunk, that swung from her hand, will surely soon be coveted by snobs everywhere.Suddenly, the fabulously easy way of dress that reminded me of my stylish aunts and mother came to life. Sparkling paillettes worn with white booties exude glam-meets-Mod-rocker edge, and snap-front jackets of two-tone, multi-textured leather (think patent versus rugged) were set off against slick, lacquered ankle and knee-high boots. Waists were cinched with artfully pulled leather belts, for a casual feel, over swingy, A-line skirts (hello, Chelsea girls!) and sporty, skin-hugging zip-front pants. Speaking of which, zippers are a running theme, and they look particularly seductive creating dangerously low , as well as neatly high necklines on the suede-paneled jackets and awe-inspiring crocodile tanks.These aren’t outfits so much as they are beautiful pieces, and the level of accessibility (over that of say, performance) is freshly high. But don’t think for a second these aren’t the most luxurious and perfectly tailored of skins. More importantly, the collection is a complete juxtaposition of new and old, luxe and simple. That, in so many words, is Nicolas’ brilliance. He switched the gears at Louis Vuitton with the utmost respect and created a thoughtfully curated first collection in the process, proving one doesn’t need the razzle-dazzle of highly produced shows, just beautiful clothes.

Louis Vuitton is/was my favorite brand, to see this collection was to walk into Forever 21 or Top seemed to have been produced for the demographic of the 16-22 year old woman..intensely disappointing..will miss Marc Jacobs’ style and panache terribly..

Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Collection: Quiet Riot

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