Rupp said he was the best rebounding guard he ever coached

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) Although it wasn mentioned prominently in his obits, which moncler sale outlet would have been just fine with Frank Ramsey, one of his claims to fame, so to speak, was as the NBA first confessed the Dec. told Deford how he used flopping a fake falling down in the hope of drawing a foul on his opponent and other tricks he used to fool the referees cheap moncler outlet and get to the foul line.Since Ramsey had become a household name in basketball households as the first man for Celtics coach Red Auerbach, NBA commissioner Walter Kennedy was highly upset by the article because he felt it moncler sale made his officials look like fools.>> Get the latest on UK sports in the moncler outlet online Cats CornerHe didn fine Ramsey, but sent him a letter of reprimand, which was nothing to the revenge exacted on Ramsey by the referees.that article came out, said a rueful Ramsey years cheap moncler jackets later, let everybody give me a good pounding. died on July 8, five days before his cheap moncler 87th birthday, and the flopping was moncler outlet store only a small part of his legacy. An All State high school player in Madisonville, Ky., Ramsey went to the University of Kentucky in 1949 to play for Coach Adolph Rupp.He was a sophomore starter on the Wildcats 1951 NCAA championship team, and a star on the 25 0 team of 1953 that was declared national champs by the Helms Foundation.Ramsey and moncler outlet sale teammates Cliff Hagan and Lou Tsiropolous were supposed to be seniors in 1952 However, because of UK involvement in the point shaving scandal years earlier, the Southeastern Conference refused to allow its members to play Rupp moncler outlet team, forcing the coach to cancel the schedule.So Wildcat fans had to be content with exhibitions in Memorial Coliseum between the and the The three players stayed moncler outlet jackets in class both semesters, intent on playing the 1953 season as graduate students.However, nobody in Lexington noticed that graduate students were ineligible at that time for post season play. The news didn break until the end of the 1953 season, and it Moncler Outlet threw the basketball world into an uproar.Had the Three sat out just one semester the previous year, there would have been no problem in 1953 Although the UK players voted to accept the SEC automatic bid without them, Rupp overruled them. So the best team in college basketball had to watch from the cheap moncler jackets sale sidelines again as LaSalle, a team UK had defeated at home by 13 early in the season, won the NCAA title behind Tom Gola.The shrewd Auerbach, who loved players coached by Rupp, managed to draft all the Three after the 1953 season. Ramsey was a Celtics rookie in 1954 then spent time in the military before rejoining the team midway in the 1956 season.By then Hagan was gone, having been traded to the St. Jones, Satch Sanders, and his other African American teammates. Sadly, however, the African American players left town after being refused service at a downtown coffee shop.Ramsey stayed and played, but he made it clear that he was completely embarrassed that such a thing could happen in his home state and the town where he played his college ball.After Ramsey retired in 1964, he was sometimes mentioned as a possible successor to both Auerbach and Rupp. But he didn try coaching until the 1970 season, when he replaced Gene Rhodes as coach of the Kentucky Colonels of the ABA.He didn care much for it, however, and returned to his native Madisonville, where he spent the rest of his life running a bank and farming. He was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 1981.He reveled in his role as the Celtics sixth man.At 6 3, Ramsey alternated between shooting guard and small forward. Rupp said he was the best rebounding guard he ever coached.However, he wasn a good outside shooter, which meant he got most of his points slashing to the basket. Russell remembered a time when Ramsey got fouled almost as soon as he moncler jacket sale got into the game. was still so cold that he had to warm up before shooting his free throw. Russell said.But Auerbach loved him as much as Rupp. He loved his competitive spirit, his unselfishness, his ability to find an edge even if he had to use the flop and his other tricks. sat on the bench with my warm up jacket open so I could rip it off as I ran to the scorer table the second Red called my name. I went into the game looking for a shot. People said I had no conscience. Red moncler outlet uk told me: you open, moncler factory outlet shoot it. That why you here. 2018 WAVE 3 News.Five lanes of Broadway at Preston closed due to cave inFive lanes of Broadway at Preston closed due to cave inUpdated: Monday, July 23 2018 12:22 AM EDT2018 07 23 04:22:14 GMT.

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