The towers were a complete Canada Goose Parka eyesore

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canada goose clearance sale The people that allowed this demolition to happen obviously have no idea about architecture and what architecture is about. It’s a real shame they have gone, and they can never be replaced with any other ‘landmark’. No doubt, the replacement/compensation for this dreadful misjudgement will be another generic, soulless, modern piece of architecture or so called ‘architecture’. Yet again Sheffield takes another step toward becoming a city just like any other; indistinctive and full of modern building that are repeated in every city. Just because a building cheap Canada Goose in modern, it does not mean that it’s architecture. Well done to the people behind this.Middle class Britain Canada Goose Coats On Sale is so ashamed of it’s industrial labour heritage that it will stop at nothing to erase canada goose clearance sale all evidence. This also insures that if the future includes any industry the usual suspects will get richer still from the infrastructure reconstruction. For centuries an important part Canada Goose online of British society work under horrendous conditions to build the machines which canada goose clearance gave us modern civilisation. Now in the continuing exploitation canada goose factory sale of those generations of workers, after we took away their industries and jobs, we must eradicate all trace of what and how they accomplished that feat.Trevor MilneI used to drive past the towers everyday for 10 years to and from work and along with the dirty decrepit lower deck of the viaduct I always felt as a Sheffielder we looked like the city was stuck in the past to anyone visiting, or worst still it gave the impression that once the old industries had gone we had nothing else to give. I think there’s to much sentiment for the towers, it’s long overdue that the canada goose uk black friday area be cleaned up and made into something that shows people what the new Sheffield has to offer.Andrew in ChesterfieldIf the only landmark Sheffield can be proud of is two decrepit concrete and steel cooling towers, then it just shows how low this country has become. The towers were a complete Canada Goose Parka eyesore, with no artistic merit whatsoever. I wish Britons would canada goose store look to the future, rather than dwelling on a fading past. They should have also demolished Tinsley Viaduct, which is another depressing monument to non architectural structures. As Canada Goose Online for those who say they are a marker to turn off the M1, will have to start using the massive road signs at the junction. Its not hard is it?Abby aged 11I AM NOT PLEASED THAT THEY HAVE NOCKED DOWN THE TOWERS! YOU MADE ME AND MY STEP SISTER KATY CRY! YOU DONT REALISE WHAT THEM COOLING TOWERS MENT TO US. THEY WAS LIKE A LANDMARK OF SHEFFIELD SO YOU NEW WHEN YOU WAS HOME. I HOPE THEY PUT SOMETHING LIKE THE COOLING TOWERS THERE WHERE ALL THE BROKEN PIECES OF THE OLD ONES LIE. I AM NOT INPRESED WITH EON NOCKING DOWN THE TOWERS. NOW SHEFFIELD LOOKS BORING AND NOT THE SAME. I don’t see the point in them uk canada goose really. When you see them you don’t think ahh home becuase you see two cooling towers! You say ahh home becuase you see Meadowhall! Not the silly cooling towers! I can’t wait too go see them dimolished but that’s just me, I like seeing thing’s like that I’m just random! So yeah I want them to be knocked down!Amy AllsoppAs I have been away from my home in Rotherham for the last 3 years at University, those towers have meant a lot canada goose coats on sale to me. I know it sounds sad, Canada Goose Outlet but its true. They’ve always stood tall as a sign that I’m back home canada goose and I really will miss them. I had one last drive along the viaduct this afternoon with my Dad. I stuck my head right out of the window and had a good last look seeing all those explosives attached canada goose coats to uk canada goose outlet the towers brought a tear to my eye. I will certinaly be there tonight. I hope some kind of replacement goes up maybe something could be built from the bricks of our original towers. Goodbye!Remember the «Hole in the Road». That was another Sheffield icon. How many cities had one of those, er non. Same goes for the cooling towers. They are a land mark for Sheffield. This to me simply shows the total lack of consideration big companies have. They don’t give a damn. I’m sure if it was left to people like these, museums would be empty buildings. Can you imagine the skill it took to buy canada goose jacket build these the fact they’re still standing is a testamont to the skilled workfore who built them. I cant believe the greediness of the person that is letting this outrage commence. The towers have been there all my life. And on the way back from town me and my mates always look at them from the Super tram. There Canada Goose sale are also some memories to be demolished as canada goose uk shop well as a landmark. Also there are a few urban myths about them that I have heard. I can’t believe that Eon are wanting to destroy culture and heritage. The towers are also a mark to show that Sheffield is an industrial city. I and all of my friends are outraged and my friends are canada goose black friday sale protesting on Saturday night through buy canada goose jacket cheap Meadowhall. They’re are an important part of local history that will mean so very cheap canada goose uk much to Sheffield families. I’ve lived in northern cities before where councils have made great mistakes by destroying what can only be called Yorkshire heritage. They can never be replaced, thankfully, councils can. We’ll know that we’ve lost something major the first time we drive canadian goose jacket back into Sheffield and no longer be seeing those welcoming giants.What a disgrace that the towers will be destroyed!The people responsible allowing this to happen should be Canada Goose Jackets ashamed. They are part of Sheffields identity, great monuments to the cty and arriving in the North. It is just another nail in the northern regions coffin. canada goose uk outlet Almost everybody would like to keep them. Indeed technology, industry and the way we live all move on, that is progression. However without local ‘landmarks’ or phyiscal references to the past, our history and heritage how can we learn in the future from our mistakes? I believe everything has a time and a place and therefore should be in some way represented and not forgotten. What is left remaining of the once backbone of Sheffield, its important industrial history and its connections with steel.

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