Those «additions» were all approved by Harriet

I’m almost done with Knife of Dreams and I was wondering how jarring of a change is the writing style going into The Gathering Storm

Let just say there was a lot of loose threads to wrap upWhich the other commenter followed up with. The portion of the plot Sandersen worked with was qualitatively different than the rest; it the point cheap moncler jackets mens where things are supposed to happen.RJ had perfectly fine pacing his first 5 6 books. It shortly moncler outlet prices after the scope of the story widened, where he had all 3 of the taveren plus the girls spread out across the map, after the novelty of each subplot introduction wears off and each enter the «building up» phase of their respective narratives, that the pacing necessarily slowed best moncler jackets down to accommodate multiple subplots in cheap moncler jackets womens the traditionally slowest portion moncler online store of uk moncler outlet any story. This happens in so many novels.The conclusion where it all comes together would have presumably been similar to books 1 5 cheap moncler coats mens even with RJ behind the wheel which cheap moncler jackets we know to be likely from how KoD played out. Jordan tells Mat’s story for 300 pages, then Elayne for 300 pages, then Perrin for 300 pages, then the book ends.Sanderson splits each of those storylines up into about 50 different segments and interweaves them together.There are points where you can tell it Sanderson style of writing. But there are also things he does to remind you who wrote the story he does bring back phrases that Jordan used frequently, for instance. I cheap moncler sale think he does a really good job, honestly.As was noted elsewhere, the pace picks up drastically when he takes over. I think in part that his discount moncler jackets writing all of his books are really well paced. Another part of it though is that there was still a whole lot left to be done before the finale, and he was making sure everything that needed to be moncler outlet sale included was.I think he did a better job than most people even dared hope for. Those «additions» were all approved by Harriet. I moncler outlet don moncler uk outlet know that he ever specifically stated what percentage he created and what was from RJ notes.I fairly certain that «River of moncler sale online Souls» (deleted material published in an anthology) moncler outlet woodbury was moncler womens jackets created solely by BS. If you haven read RoS, it pretty awesome and gives a uk moncler sale different perspective to some best moncler events.Recall though, that moncler sale there was no TGS when RJ was still actively writing. He had been pushing that book 12, A Memory of Light would be published as a single volume not matter the technical issues in published such a massive tome. Obviously, that was always going to be the case and I admire BS courage for taking this task on. I do wish they spent some extra time in the editing room with some hard moncler usa core RJ fans / helpers to polish out some of the dialogue and vocab just to remove some of the more jarring choices. He can tell a great story and his pacing is on point, but he just doesn have the same way with words.One of the guys on The Legendarium said it moncler outlet store best in my opinion moncler sale outlet (and I think he heard it from someone else on reddit?) Jordan was an adjective, and Sanderson is a verb. They can both do both, but each is a master of only one. When you change it up mid series moncler outlet online it is jarring but that isn to say it bad. It is still very, very worth reading and a worthy end to the series.

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