When you can’t have a workout buddy

Pakistan cabinet on May 21 approved Gilgit Baltistan Order 2018 which was also endorsed by the assembly for the region. The order is being seen as Islamabad efforts towards incorporating the disputed region as its fifth province.India on Sunday summoned Pakistan deputy high commissioner Syed Haider Shah in New Delhi and lodged a strong protest over Islamabad latest move, saying any action to alter the status of any part of the territory under its and illegal occupation has no legal basis.In a statement, the ministry of external affairs said it conveyed to Shah that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, which also includes the so called areas, is an integral part of India by virtue of its accession in 1947.Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman in a statement claimed that the and Kashmir was a disputed territory categorically rejects India protest against the Gilgit Baltistan Order 2018 and its claim over Jammu Kashmir as an part of India. Everything from history to law to morality to the situation on the ground belies India spurious claim, the spokesman said.resolutions, pledging the right to self determination to the people of Kashmir, were accepted by India, Pakistan and the international community, he said..

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